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Systematic Problem Solving

Workshop duration: 2 days

Problem Solving

Solving problems should not be guess work or trial and error. Our easy to use comparative analysis approach will teach you to ask the right questions and gather the right information. Learn to solve a problem in your head or on paper before you try an expensive fix in the real world.

By applying a deductive reasoning process, the unique facts pertaining to the problem are identified. From those unique items, potential causes to problems are determined and tested to see if they meet the facts surrounding the situation.

Decision Making

Learn to objectively consider all key factors in the decision making process. Generate criteria and categorize them into needs vs wants, weighted by importance. Then identify options to choose from, and grade their potential performance.

Once potential performance has been evaluated and a tentative decision has been made, a comprehensive risk assessment is factored into the decision. A well-rounded choice can now be made based on potential performance and potential risk.

Proactive Planning

Planning is much more than identifying a “to do” list. What could go wrong? How can we prevent those things? What if it happens anyway? What could go better than expected and can we help that happen? How do we exploit our good fortune if it does? Proactive Planning is a simple to use, valuable skill.

Who Should Attend

SPS is designed for anyone who needs to solve problems, make good decisions, or effectively implement plans. From entry level professionals to upper management, the skills learned in SPS are essential tools for today’s fast paced business environment. There is no substitute for getting it right the first time… on time and within budget.

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