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frogs matter most

Frogs Matter Most

– A Parable About Taking the Personal and Professional Leadership Leap

Using the power of parable and storytelling, authors Jack R, Christianson and Ron Tracy deliver powerful lessons on leadership. Some people believe that profitability and getting the work done is most important. We call these people managers. Others decide that people are the most important consideration. Taking care of their people is the most important thing and the bottom line is secondary. Leaders must choose both. They must get things done while valuing the people around them. Learn more about Frogs Matter Most at This book is also available for purchase on Amazon.



Bad Decision

Bad Decision

How many of you have made a bad decision in your lives? Of course the answer is “all of us!” There’s not too many other feelings as bad as the regret you feel after making a terrible decision.… Read More




call center 1 265

Developing Customer Loyalty

Developing and maintaining customer loyalty is the most important thing you will do in your company whether you are a start up or an already well established business. In today’s web based environment too many companies fall victim to the “fools gold” of only getting new customers… Read More



satisfied customer 265

Soft Skills, Solid Results

Everyone knows that satisified customers are key to your success. But what really makes a customer happy? How damaging can an unhappy camper be? These stats tell the story… Read More


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