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Productivity - what vs. how

Productivity graphWhile teaching a class for a leading corporation, comments turned to how much the class participants wished the training they were receiving could become widespread throughout their company. Their fear was that upper management would not see the need to invest in the staff the way they did. In frustration, one person blurted out that she didn’t fill valued by the corporation at all. Then she asked for a show of hands to see if anyone in the class of 18 people felt valued by the company. Not a single hand was raised.

While this company was still the leader of their industry, the down economy had been hard on them. Budgets were cut; perks and benefits had been curbed. Further conversation revealed that those things were not the reason no one felt valued. Each person understood the realities of difficult times and each was willing to do their share, even if salary cuts were necessary.

Their concerns were not about what had been done, but how it had been done. The result of the “you’re lucky you still have a job” mentality of their company management had left employees demoralized ̶ loyalty and productivity were low. Each person needs and deserves to feel valued. Their ability to contribute effectively to depends on it. When it comes down to it, a person’s level of productivity is a personal decision. Treating people with the respect and consideration they deserve is not just the right thing for each individual in your organization, it’s vital to the success of each and every business.

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