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Power Presentation Skills

Workshop duration: 2 days

Power Presentation Skills is an interactive workshop where participants improve their public speaking ability by learning and practicing critical skills. Key elements of the course include:

Non-Verbal Skills

Great presenters are much more than the compilation of their words. Participants learn vital skills such as eye-contact, facial expressions, gesturing, stance and much more. These skills provide participants the needed confidence to be a power presenter.

Verbal Skills

Learning to use pitch, tone, pace, proper pausing, eliminating non-words, using questioning skills and the proper use of humor are just some of the critical verbal skills developed in this course.

Using Your Environment

Presenters learn how to command the room and use all elements of their environment effectively. Setting up the room properly, anchor points, proper movement, use of slides and other teaching aids are all key elements of successful speaking.

Group Dynamics

Additionally, presenters and public speakers must develop strong skills in managing their audience. Group norms, participation management, dealing with hecklers and difficult audience members, resolving group conflict, keeping the event and content on track and more are all part of the understanding and managing group dynamics.

Creating a presentation

In the end, a great speaker still needs great content. Power Presentation Skills teaches an amazing technique for creating a presentation that will not only be engaging, but easily create the elements used by all great speakers. The system is flexible to allow content addition or removal on the fly while still delivering a seamless presentation.

Who Should Attend

Tracy Learning’s Power Presentation Skills is designed for people at all levels of the organization. The techniques, skills, and processes learned in the workshop are essential for leaders and team members alike.

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