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Leadership Dynamics

Workshop duration: 2 days

Core Values

Leadership is a choice that only you can make. You have to exhibit the values that will allow others to choose to follow you. All leaders display key characteristics that show their core values. It you can’t be trusted, you cannot lead.

Behaviors of Effective Leaders

Have you ever seen a natural born leader? Wouldn’t it be great to be one of those people? Truthfully, those folks are few and far between. But there is great news if you are not so lucky. You can learn to do what those leaders do. The eight key behaviors you’ll learn will make all the difference.

Leadership Roles

Just like a parent, a leader must wear many hats. But how do you determine what roll you should assume? That depends on the needs of the person you are working with. We’ll help you not only how to assume the right role, you’ll learn to do it at the right time.

The Leadership Process

The leadership process brings all of your leadership skills together. You’ll know what to do – the behaviors – why you are doing it – the roles – and when to use both – the process. This interactive process will drive you and your people to unparalleled success!

Performance Management

Those annoying performance reviews. Leaders dread them, and employees are afraid of them. Once it’s over, both want to forget the experience as soon as possible. What if employee reviews were actually useful? What if you had regular and meaningful employee reviews with your people because there is tremendous value in doing so? The performance management tool will transform your ability to effectively drive the continuous improvement process.

Fostering Creativity and Innovation

Creativity and innovation are the life blood of any organization. If you choose not to foster those two things in your company, rest assured your competition is. People at the top typically feel free to be creative and innovate, but what about the masses? Is it safe to think out of the box or are people punished? We’ll discuss how to create a culture where creativity, and your company, can thrive.

Who Should Attend

Tracy Learning’s Leadership Dynamics is designed for leaders and prospective leaders at all levels of the organization. The techniques, skills, and processes learned in the workshop are essential for effectively leading and influencing others.

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