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It’s all “intuitive,” right?

customer_loyalty_supportThe other day I was teaching our Customer Loyalty class to a group of very bright people. Before the class began, one student confided that he felt that the class he was about to attend was not needed. When I asked why, he simply said that the skills for dealing with customers are “intuitive” so no training was warranted. I’ve heard that before from many others. Whether the course was Customer Loyalty, Leadership Dynamics or any other “soft” skills training, the voice is the same. Communication skills are intuitive… any bright, thinking adult has no need to go through it.

As with others, I checked in with management to learn more about my skeptical friend and how he was perceived by others. I also wanted to know how customers rated his performance. And like all the others, his ratings were substandard – not due to a lack of intellect, but due to a lack of understanding the importance of handling people appropriately.

The truth is, not everyone is born with these skills. While some may have them more innately than others, we can all learn more and do better. Fortunately, my student was seeing things differently by the conclusion of the class and realized that not everything is as intuitive as he thought. Customer support is more than fixing technical or product issues. It is satisfying customers; and that has more to do with skills that deal with people rather than products.

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