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Customer Loyalty

Workshop duration: 1 day

Factors of Customer Satisfaction

Retaining a customer is much better than doing what is needed to acquire a new one. A satisfied customer is a loyal customer. Satisfaction is more than solving a problem, it’s about meeting the needs of each individual. Learn the key factors to ensure that you have happy, satisfied and loyal customers.

Customer Interaction Process

The customer interaction process ensures that the customer is taken care of, not just that a problem is resolved. Learn how to fix the customer first, then the problem. Finally, take the opportunity to strengthen the relationship and go beyond your customer’s expectations.

Customer Loyalty Behaviors

Learn the key behaviors of people who provide excellent customer service. These behaviors will provide the skills necessary to handle any situation and bring it to a successful conclusion.

Telephone Talk

Each contact with a customer is an opportunity. Even a difficult situation can become a great experience for your customers. Many of these pivotal moments happen on the phone. Learning how to escalate or transfer a call is also critical. Having the right set of skills to handle a call correctly can really make a difference.

Who Should Attend

Customer Loyalty provides participants with skills in several areas, including vocal quality, language usage, and the do’s and don’ts of talking on the telephone. Participants are also tape recorded so they can evaluate and strengthen their phone skills.

Tracy Learning’s Customer Loyalty is designed for anyone who provides service to or interacts with customers. From entry level telephone support personnel to experienced professionals, Customer Loyalty is vital to the success of any organization.

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