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Consulting and Content Development

Custom Course Development

instructor led

For many types of instruction, instuctor-led training is the best solution. There is often no substitute for being able to work with class participants directly to be able to challenge their thinking and ensure that new skills and behaviors have been developed. Tracy Learning will work closely with your key stakeholders to ensure that custom course work meets your needs and is engaging and instructionally sound.

Online Learning Content


There are times when online training is a viable solution. Whether the training is for your own employees, your customers, or an independent distributor/dealer force, having the best online training can make all the difference. With over 20 years’ experience, our team are experts in providing the best training available. That expertise did not come overnight. We founded a company that pioneered online learning that actually adapted the learning content to each person’s individual learning style. This innovative approach landed relationships with some leading Fortune 100 companies that were committed to engaging content. Recently one of the founders created a full online corporate university that garnered over 200,000 active learners is just over a year’s time. How did that happen? By creating not only great content, but content that was relevant to the company’s customer base.

Getting your company quality online learning content is not a one-time event – and it goes way beyond a nice website. To effectively use the Internet to train your customers on your products and services means you will need a lot of content. Continually fresh content. There are many avenues to choose from, which ones are best for you depends on not only your offering, but the marketplace you service. Our experts will help you create engaging, relevant online content in the areas that matter most for your business.

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