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About Us

Providing Proven Results

Tracy Learning has a proven track record of success in corporate professional skills training and consulting. The skills learned and practiced in Tracy Learning training courses improve employee productivity and value. We are proud of our outstanding reputation for delivering quality programs that result in better trained and more competent individuals and teams.

Affecting Positive Change

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality behavior-based professional skill training available. We strive to help our client’s personnel acquire the skills and behaviors necessary to affect positive change in their job performance, delivering measurable results straight to their bottom line.

Simplifying The Process

Training is useless if people do not use it. Therefore we believe in simplifying the learning processes while maintaining the highest levels of comprehension and implementation of the skills learned.

Sharing Experiential Learning

People learn best by experiencing results and experiential education is central to our methodology. Tracy Learning has a high rate of success in comprehension and application of skills in the workplace because our trainees have applied knowledge upon completion of our programs.

Improving Corporate Culture

Changing behaviors that are not productive and enhancing behaviors that increase productivity results in increased employee satisfaction and morale, lower staff and management attrition and an improved corporate culture of cooperation and efficiency.

About the Founder

Ron Tracy

Ron has consistently been recognized for being instrumental in developing and implementing change initiatives and for his innovative work with senior leadership to ensure successful implementation of a wide variety of training programs.

Founder of Tracy Learning and formerly a co-founder of, Ron has over 24 years of corporate training and consulting experience.

He began his career at Allied-Signal aerospace in Kansas City and has been a partner at Mountain States Solutions and ibtraining.

An expert in developing and delivering training programs in problem solving and decision-making, Ron is also recognized as a master trainer in leadership, team development, planning, customer service, project management and peer mentoring. He has authored several highly successful training programs and certified many senior corporate executives and training professionals to be Tracy Learning certified instructors.

He has worked with many established organizations such as HP, Ernst & Young, Cisco Systems, PG&E, Aerojet, Novell, Micron, Kaiser Permanente, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Solectron, FMC and IHC.


  • June 28, 2013 11:22 pmPosted 5 years ago
    Clint Reeves

    Ron & Barry,

    Thank you for taking the time to put the Technical Support leadership team through your team building training. I thought this training was extremely productive and extremely beneficial to the group. You both did a phenomenal job.

    I know that everyone will remember this training for a long time. It was a great chance for me to observe the team and get to know them much better. I probably learned more about each of them during that all day training as I would have over the course of several weeks.

    Keep up the great work!



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