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Archive for January 2013

Got it, or learn it?

Ron 150x150

Everyone is born with some kind of ability. Some have more than others, but everyone has at least one. Every now and again we come across the rare person who has the innate ability to think in a very linear way. They can put data and information together quickly, without even knowing how they do it, in order to solve problems that leave the rest of us scratching our heads in wonder.

This kind of thinking is called Critical Thinking – the ability to organize information, structure it in a way that makes sense, and come to a rational conclusion. It is the kind of thinking we teach in Systematic Problem Solving, a methodology for uncovering the root cause, every time, to any problem, regardless of its complexity.

Recently, we were teaching a Systematic Problem Solving class for New Zealand’s Inland Revenue Division – New Zealands’ version of the IRS. The class was a huge success with a great interest in bringing these skills to all of the New Zealand Government.

In the class was a woman who has this innate ability. She had struggled to explain it to everyone who asked, “How did you figure out the problem so quickly?” Her only answer was she couldn’t explain how she solved problems so quickly – this was just how her brain worked.

During the class this woman was able to reach pretty much the same conclusions in her head that the other students reached using our method of comparative analysis.

After the class she reported, “Many people ask me to show them how to “do what I do” and I can’t explain it. I now have a tool I can introduce them to which will take them through a process that I use (without realizing I did).”

She is one of the rare lucky ones who can take complex data, analyze it in her head and reach the correct root cause. Fortunately, for the rest of us, we have Systematic Problem Solving.

Too busy to do what's right?

Barry Phillips

Recently I taught a leadership course at a great company called UK2Group. As the class unfolded, it became clear that a major concern of most of the participants was that while they loved the new skills and abilities they were learning but were concerned that they simply would not have the time to use their new abilities. They are a high-tech company that is growing quickly and just keeping up everyday is a challenge. We discussed their barriers and concerns. The truth is, when you try to do something new, it may take more time. But, as you become more proactive and use skills like those learned in Leadership Dynamics, you’ll find that it doesn’t take more time.

In fact, you have more control over your life, and many of the issues you normally face become diminished or no longer exist. That’s because true leaders build trust with their people and are able to head issues off at the pass before they become real issues. What that boils down to is doing what’s right ultimately does not take more time. Leadership is more than just having the time to pay attention to your people. It’s vital to staying competitive, productive and profitable. Your companies very survival depends on it!